Turn your idea into an eye-catching LED neon sign

REELS CUSTOM® is America's most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs.

Illuminate any wall with our premium LED neon signs, perfect for homes, businesses, weddings, events, and beyond. Whether it's a brand emblem, your favorite song lines, your child's name, or even your pet's silhouette, we can bring it to life in neon. We're dedicated to making art approachable with our trendy and customizable neon designs. Brighten up your space like never before with our neon signs!

You Design, We Create

The neon signs that were popular in the 20th century are making a comeback thanks to a new, safer, more energy efficient and affordable material - LED neon flex. Unlike their retro counterparts, our line of LED neon signs and lights are LED efficient, brighter, cheaper to use, and cheaper to buy. Super high quality LED neon sign, durable and bright!
Simply type your text, select the font, colour and size to create your own sign.

Custom LED Neon Signs

With us you choose for durable, atmospheric Neon Signs equipped with our PowerLEDs technology. Since we have the production of our Neon Signs in-house, we guarantee the lowest price at all times. Personalising a Neon Sign has never been so affordable and easy. Ask for a quote, design your own Neon or visit our webshop.