Our Story

Our journey commenced in 2022 with the establishment of ReelsCustom, a proud member of the Ecomgrows family. Ecomgrows, a company boasting a decade of expertise in the realm of creativity, welcomed the birth of ReelsCustom with open arms. This alliance positioned us to inherit a legacy of innovation and excellence, setting the stage for our venture into the world of illuminated artistry.

Our passion lies in creating high-quality, unique, and impressive neon light products. Beyond being craftsmen of neon lights, we consider ourselves artists of light, adding a vibrant and creative touch to your living and working spaces.

Adhering to the principles of "Quality, Speed, and Excellent Customer Service," we are committed to providing our customers with the best shopping experience. Special attention to product quality, swift delivery, and attentive after-sales service are the cornerstones of our commitment.

At ReelsCustom, we recognize that creativity knows no bounds. Therefore, we continually innovate our products to offer customers the best neon light experiences, immersing themselves in their living and working spaces in a unique and stylish manner.